Wild Things

Wild Things is for the young at heart, designed especially for parents with children 6 years of age and under. Explore a different park each month every Friday from 9:30am – 11:00am.

Explore nature at a child's pace, searching for animal evidence and signs of the season. Nurture a sense of wonder on our sensory adventures. Adults can learn which native plants (and berries!) are safe to eat and discover the difference between a Red Rock crab and a Dungeness crab.

Our pace is slow and we explore all kinds of trails, so it is best suited for parents who wear their babies, children who are experienced walkers or have parents willing to carry them over the rough bits. Strollers are not advised unless indicated. Parents are responsible for their children and their safety at all times. No pets, please

Pre-registration is not necessary.


(We suggest $5, whether that's per person, per family or per outing is up to you)

Any easy way to support this program is to purchase a 5 trip punch card for $25 (exact change or check made payable to: Wild Whatcom) or purchase a 3-month season pass for $60. Please visit our registration page to donate online. Thank you for supporting this program and making hands-on nature discovery accessible for everyone!



August: Lake Padden

Fridays from 9:30 AM - 11 AM

In any season, Lake Padden is ripe with outdoor adventures waiting to happen! We traverse trails in during winter and summer to compare seasonal changes here. There's always "mountains" to climb, mysterious creatures to identify, silken webs to admire, and plenty of delectable berries to sample. This trail is stroller friendly. Be prepared for water play!

Please bring a simple, healthy, nut-free snack to share.

Directions: Google Map. Take the West Entrance and continue through the parking lot until you see the tennis courts on your right. Parking available on your left