Wild Things

Explore nature at a child's pace, searching for animal evidence and signs of the season. Nurture a sense of wonder while exploring our world.

Wild Things is a nature class for adults to stoke their own curiosity and a fun sensory experience and wonder-full adventure for children. We all discover secrets about the wild life around us. 

Our pace is slow and we explore all kinds of trails, so it is best suited for parents who wear their babies, children who are experienced walkers or have adults willing to carry them over the rough bits. Strollers are not advised unless indicated. Parents are responsible for their children and their safety at all times. No pets, please

No pre-registration required.

Suggested Donation: $5.

Whether that's per person or per family is up to you.

Click here to donate online. Thank you for supporting this program and making hands-on nature discovery accessible for everyone!

For questions, email Holly Roger, holly@wildwhatcom.org.

Where are the Wild Things in May?

First Wild Things outing!

Cornwall Park
Every Friday, 9:30-11:00AM

It's our anniversary month! Wild Things have been exploring nature once a week, all year round, for FIVE years. We love Cornwall Park, this wild oasis in an urban setting. Come explore the bug log, examine unfurling ferns, identify and sample stinging nettles, muck around in puddles and nibble a Douglas fir. Remember to dress like a duck.

Directions: Google Map  Cornwall Park has three entrances, so be sure to check the Google Map to confirm our location if you've never entered through the south entrance. Head north on Cornwall Avenue until it curves into the park, past the Rose Garden and W. Indiana Street. Pass through the two big pillars and you'll know you've found the way! Look for the Wild Whatcom event sign by the little playground and picnic shelter. Stroller-friendly trail!

Please bring a simple, healthy snack to share.  



Freyja modeling her rain gear


Wardrobe Preparedness: Young children do not have the same ability to regulate their body temperatue as adults, as you may notice from their wildly (and hilariously) inappropriate clothing choices. Spring mornings tend to be chilly, so it's important to dress your littles like a duck. Well, more like a sheep! Warm layers of wool, fleece, down and a waterproof layer works best for happy, comfortable exploring for 1 1/2 hours. Especially thick wool socks. Those things are magic! Avoid cotton if you can. It's rotten for the outdoors, the explorers say. Cotton just absorbs moisture and doesn't retain heat.