Wild Things

Wild Things is for the young at heart, designed especially for parents with young children. All ages are welcome! Explore a different park each month every Friday from 9:30am – 11:00am.

Explore nature at a child's pace, searching for animal evidence and signs of the season. Nurture a sense of wonder while exploring our world. Adults can stoke their own curiosity and discover secrets about the wild life around us.

Our pace is slow and we explore all kinds of trails, so it is best suited for parents who wear their babies, children who are experienced walkers or have parents willing to carry them over the rough bits. Strollers are not advised unless indicated. Parents are responsible for their children and their safety at all times. No pets, please

School aged children are welcome to join us on their Friday off from school! 

Pre-registration is not necessary.


(We suggest $5, whether that's per person or per family is up to you)

Please visit our registration page to donate online. Thank you for supporting this program and making hands-on nature discovery accessible for everyone!




December: Connelly Creek Nature Area

Fridays from 9:30 AM - 11 AM

Come explore this sweet oasis! A frequently traveled corridor for wildlife of all kinds, this trail winds through surprisingly diverse and mature tree stands. Many of these Sitka Spruce, Red Alder and Grand Fir trees are true Elders. Come explore the sparkly frost, feel the moss, touch big trees, play our favorite matching game and "Pooh Sticks" in the creek. 

Wardrobe Check: Young children do not have the same ability to regulate their body temperatue as adults, as you may notice from their wildly (and hilariously) inappropriate clothing choices. During these cold wet times, it's important to dress your littles like a duck. Well, more like a sheep! Warm layers of wool, fleece, down and a waterproof layer works best for happy, comfortable exploring for 1 1/2 hours. Especially thick wool socks. Those things are magic! Avoid cotton if you can. It's rotten for the outdoors, my Explorer says! Cotton just absorbs moisture and doesn't retain heat.

Please bring a simple, healthy, nut-free snack to share. 

DirectionsGoogle Map Park at Joe's Garden parking lot on the most eastern side to be respectful for their space. Sometimes they put out the orange cones (when they expect a flatbed delivery).